0803 523 1424

0803 523 1424

If a fire does break out at work, employees will need to react quickly.

Take it seriously. Treat every alarm as a real fire emergency – don’t assume it’s a drill.

Call the fire department. “Never wait to investigate the situation before notifying the fire department,” A-factor states. “Any delay will allow a fire to grow and further endanger the building occupants and property. Here’s the Fire Service Number for Nigeria 0803 200 3557

Be ready with information. When calling 911, employees should be able to accurately describe the situation and provide the address of the business, as well as the closest cross street. Ensure employees know not to hang up until the 911 dispatcher tells them to do so.

Close doors as you leave. Workers or office staff should close doors behind them as they evacuate, as this can help reduce the spread of smoke and fire throughout the building.

Don’t take the elevator. Employees never should use an elevator during a fire, for three reasons:

  1. Entrapment can occur because elevators often fail during emergencies.
  2. Elevators quickly can become filled with smoke.
  3. Elevators need to be available for arriving firefighters.

Have a designated meet-up spot. Fires can cause chaos, so it’s important to have a designated meeting place where all workers can be accounted for. The location should be away from both the building and where the fire department will arrive.

Know what to do if you can’t get out. If workers are trapped in the building, they should create a “refuge” room, Ab_factor states. The room should be sealed with wet cloths to stuff under doors and in cracks to protect against smoke. Employees should know not to break windows, and to stay low under any smoke. Use a phone or hang something in the window so emergency personnel will know you need help.

If you need to train your office staff, on fire safety measures and how to use a fire extinguisher, please call 08035231424 we offer trainings anywhere in Nigeria. Don’t lose millions to a small fire. Stay safe.

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