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0803 523 1424

Fire Prevention Engineering

Fire present a significant risk to businesses hence the consequences of not giving fire safety its needed attention could lead to partial or total manpower casualties, property damage, operational interruption, loss of patronage, financial loss, environmental contamination, loss of composure, fines and penalties, lawsuits, pandemic, utility outage, etc.


The national fire safety code places a legal duty for carrying out a fire risk assessment to determine the appropriate level of fire safety measures.

Our services

  • Fire Safety Audit & Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Response plan development
  • Fire safety system design and installation/ inspection and maintenance
  • Fire Fighting Training
  • Installation of Fire Alarms Systems
  • Fire protection planning, consultation
  • Construction of Fire hydrant
  • Installation of Fire Suppression System – FM 200 Systems
  • Setting up safety/ fire department
  • Supplies of Fireman Gears
  • Supplies of Fire Fighting Trucks and Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)